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  • Bespoke and truly intimate, the Hans Hansson offers one of a kind Antarctica experiences.

  • Refurbished in 2005, the HH is clean and comfortable and is an experience orientated vessel, not a luxury yacht.

  • With a maximum number of 12 guests, she is the perfect vessel to charter for small groups of family and friends.


hans hansson bespoke antarctica

Intimate Antarctic experiences on the Hans Hansson.


For travellers looking for a truly unique polar experience, the Hans Hansson is a natural choice. Small and intimate with only 12 guests onboard at one time, she is expertly operated in Antarctica and allows you a chance to experience Antarctica in a few others have before you.

The Hans Hansson has lived a life of adventure! Built in 1960 as a rescue vessel for the Norwegian Lifeboat Association, she was originally named Skomvaer II and operated in the North and Baltic Sea for over 35 years. As a rescue boat she assisted close to 1,000 vessels in distress and saved more than 150 lives!

Then in 1986 the Swedish Lifeboat Association purchased the ship and completely refitted and modified her to include ice strengthening of her hull and was in 1988 re-launched as the Hans Hansson. Decommissioned in 1998 and sold to private ownership in 1998, a major refit was completed in 2005 with her superstructure extended, systems upgraded and interior renewed to provide more comforts for travelling with avid explorers. Ideally suited for extended voyages in comfort and safety in the remote regions of the world, you can be assured an intimate experience with the landscape and wildlife onboard the Hans Hansson.

With a range of 8,000 nautical miles or 40 days at cruising speed, the Hans Hansson is capable of carrying our lengthy expeditions in the worlds most regions. She is big enough to have the comfort and capability of a large ship, yet small enough to work close inshore to unchartered coasts and provide specialised itineraries and flexibility in day to day operators.

Perfect for accessing remote environments without the significant costs and limitations of larger vessels. The vessel has previously been chartered by;

  • Film crews, including production teams of significant size with extensive equipment.
  • Specialised expedition groups for Scuba diving and Mountaineering.
  • Sceince groups, for close access to polar regions and oceans.
  • Tourism groups, looking for intimate and bespoke experiences not available on larger commercial vessels.



Charter enquiries for the 2018/19 season are already fully booked and the Hans Hansson plans to start taking 2019/20 charter bookings from May. There may be 2018/19 charter dates available if current bookings do not materialise with deposits in April. If you are interested in a potential 2018/19 or 2019/20 charter opportunity on the Hans Hansson contact us today, so we can express your interest in the vessel.

The Hans Hansson is a most reasonably priced private yacht to charter for a unique Antarctic experience. For groups of 8-12 guests, it is very affordable and should not be dismissed as being in the same pricing category has most private superyachts. If you travel with a group of friends talk to us today about available dates and a price indication.



small group antarctica cruiseWith no schedule as such to keep, chartering a vessel like the Hans Hansson in South Georgia or Antarctica means you can do what you want when you want basically. We travel how you want to travel and tailor the voyage to suit your personal or group preferences. Upon signing a charter agreement we work extremely close with you to piece together an itinerary that is exactly what you are looking for you. You are welcome to take our advice on a suggested itinerary or let us know key highlights that are important to you and we will do our best to make this happen.

When you book a charter vessel early, you are the ability to choose your preferred dates and duration. If you are doing this voyage for a special someone’s big day or an anniversary, enquire early and book a voyage that will ensure you are in a magical location for that special day with all of your loved ones.




On an intimate and small ship like the Hans Hansson, the biggest compromise you’ll find will not be travelling with a full team of expedition guides who have wide and varied expertise in a number of different sciences. The Hans Hansson will always travel with one Expedition Leader. It is possible to put 1 or 2 more expedition team members onboard, however, they may need to utilise beds from the allocation of 12 available.

Even though you may not have a full team, your experience will be so much more when shared with just a handful of your close friends and family.



antarctica charter flightAccessing Antarctica on a vessel like the Hans Hansson that is used for charters is a little bit different to joining a standard cruise ship. As the vessel will have a number of charters lined up over the Antarctic season, if you are considering a voyage in the middle of the Dec-Feb then you will need to fly both into and out of Antarctica. This is because the ship keeps a tight schedule and being a small ship it will certainly be more comfortable not to have to cross the Drake Passage.

However, as a small group flying into Antarctica does add to the costs. We work together with a number of other charter companies to match your flights with other groups, which will significantly decrease the costs of the charter flights. We can avoid the charter flight and its associated costs by looking at the first voyage of the season, which is usually late November or early December or the last voyage of the season in late February. This will allow you to cruise one way and fly the other and will have a significant impact on the overall charter costs.



hans hansson antarctica cruise cabinCabins onboard the Hans Hansson are clean and comfortable and feature the essentials. All cabins on the Hans Hansson are equipped with an 1 x upper and 1 x lower bunk and are located on the upper and lower decks. Lower deck cabins have a wash basin, desk and storage and portholes. These cabins utilise 2 x shared bathrooms. The upper deck cabin features private bathroom facilities.






Onboard the Hans Hansson there are a number of public areas that you are welcome to use which include;

hans hansson galley

  • The Library
  • Lounge Area
  • Passenger Kitchen
  • Observation Decks
  • The Bridge – You will be welcomed to join the Captain and crew in the bridge when conditions are favourable.





The Hans Hansson features sufficient Zodiacs to disembark all passengers and explore the remote landscapes that you may find yourself. Also onboard are a number of sea kayaks that you can use to explore.


Ship Specifications:

  • Staff & Crew: 4
  • Guests: 12
  • Length: 26.5 Metres
  • Breadth: 7.1 Metres
  • Draft: 3.4 Metres
  • Propulsion: Diesel engine, 525 Horsepower
  • Speed: 8 Knots
  • Ice Class: ICE-C
  • Electrical Current: 220V 50Hz European 2 Round Plug
  • Registered: Falkland Islands
  • Download the Hans Hansson deck plan


If you are looking for a charter vessel in Antarctica or the Arctic contact us today to discuss opportunities and available vessels.


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