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No other voyage spends as long, with as few people in Antarctica.

We are extremely excited to have the Hans Hansson back in Antarctica for the 2019/20 season. iExpedition is proud to be the only Australian agency offering these voyages.This little expedition vessel delivers a bespoke Antarctica like no other. With only 12 guests onboard, an unprecedented 12-14 Antarctic expedition days and the highest level of flexibility these voyages offer so many unique experiences.

We explore Antarctica with absolutely no fixed agenda. Our experience in the Antarctic landscape is simply our own to define. We’ll be guided by weather and ice conditions, as well as unforgettable wildlife opportunities.

Experiencing Antarctica on Hans Hansson means being immersed in Antarctica at all times. Rarely are you more than a few feet from the ocean and our small size, means when we see a pod of Orca, we can quickly disembark to get closer to the action.

ONLY 36 spaces are available on the Hans Hansson for the entire 2019/20 Antarctic season.
  • Exciting Fly the Drake Passage voyages. 
  • 12-14 Days IN Antarctica. Yes, that’s correct 12-14 Days in Antarctica exploring. 
  • Uncover Antarctica with only 12 guests onboard. 
  • The ultimate in flexibility. With so few passengers we are free to explore how & when we like.
  • Zodiac’s & Kayaks allow us to explore. 
  • Participate in Citizen Science projects
  • Dec & Jan voyages travel with a professional photographer.
  • February voyage travels with an acclaimed penguinologist Dr. Tom Hart.
  • Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Antarctica.
  • For the adventurous, join the February voyage and sail the Drake.
  • There only 18 Cabins or 36 Spaces available in 2019/20!
No other voyage spends as long, with as few people in Antarctica.



Don’t hesitate to ask our team any questions about the itineraries, ships or cabins.  Speak with them today, call or email anytime 1800960577 or
Your Expedition begins here. 
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