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Arriving at voyages in the Canadian Arctic is quite a challenging process for the voyage operators. This is because of the incredibly remote ports that the ships must use to complete these itineraries. In all Canadian High Arctic voyages, you will be required to travel on the voyages mandatory charter flights. These voyages are great if you are planning on exploring Canada, Alaska or the USA as you will be so close to their departure points.

The most popular ports our Canadian Arctic voyages utilise include;

  • Resolute Bay, Canada
  • Cambridge Bay, Canada
  • Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Arriving at these remote port towns is by charter flights, which operate from the voyages base cities;

  • Edmonton, Canada
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Ottawa, Canada



International: Departing Australia there are plenty of flight options departing from Australia and travelling to Canada. To arrive at the above locations, you need to of course firstly land on the North American continent. Both Montreal and Ottawa are on the eastern side of Canada and in close proximity to New York and Niagara Falls. While Edmonton is more centrally located and can be reached by a flight from any major Canadian airport, it is in close proximity to Vancouver, Banff, Lake Louise and Calgary. We would recommend keeping a close on for promotions.

To get an idea of flight prices to the USA and Canada the Qantas Flight Deals page is a really handy tool. Simply click on the link and then update your departure point and your destination, if you know where you are travelling to and the page will display the best deals. Click on the route of your choice and the next page will show you a calendar of the flight prices for the entire year, so you can make sure you get the best fare.

Domestic: Once you are inside the USE or Canada all airports that our voyages use are serviced by national carriers. If you need assistance with your flight route, please let iExpedition know and we’d be happy to help.

You will need to check your Confirmed Itinerary in detail and be sure to arrive at the town you will board your charter flight, the day prior to your embarkation (Day 2 on itinerary). All of these voyages include a pre-cruise night accommodation and some will include a post-cruise night accommodation too. If you are travelling through the USA you will need to be sure to meet their ESTA visa requirements. Please be sure to review our Travel Resources and Confirmed Itinerary documents, before arranging flights and hotel bookings.

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