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Our Russian Arctic voyages present some of the most exciting of our Arctic itineraries. They travel to regions, so remote, only a small handful of voyages are granted permission to land tourists, Franz Josef Land is tightly controlled by the Russian Government and as such only 3-4 operators are provided with the necessary permits.

Another aspect of the Russian Arctic itineraries is the sheer size of Russia and that these voyages depart from both the east and west coast of Russia. The Northeast Passage, for example, begins in the east and finishes in the west and vice versa. It’s a massive continent, so we thought it best to outline the specifics for each itinerary below. The map below 

Map of the Russian Arctic regions

The map indicated that key port towns our voyages utilise in the Russian Arctic.

Franz Josef Land Voyages

With only 3 dedicated Franz Josef Land voyages available, these conveniently depart from and return to Svalbard. The Sea Spirit which operates these expeditions is the only company to have access to the island departing from outside Russia. 

Getting to Svalbard:

To arrive in Svalbard you will need to fly into Europe. Once inside Europe you can catch a short flight to Longyearbyen, Svalbard. You will find that as Svalbard is governed by Norway, that a lot of flights to/from Svalbard will be via Norway.

International: Departing Australia there are hundreds of flight options departing from Australia and travelling to Europe. The choices are endless so it will really come down to the amount of time you have, your budget and if you are planning any stopovers. We would recommend keeping a close on for promotions.

To get an idea of flight prices to Europe, Qantas Flight Deals page is a really handy tool. Simply click on the link and then update your departure point and your destination, if you know where you are travelling to and the page will display the best deals. Click on the route of your choice and the next page will show you a calendar of the flight prices for the entire year, so you can make sure you get the best fare.

Domestic: Once you are inside Europe all ports that our voyages use are serviced by national carriers. The one region that will be more difficult than most is Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. If you need assistance with your flight route, please let iExpedition know and we’d be

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North Pole Voyages

With just 5 voyages operating to the North Pole each season, these voyages are not to be missed. The voyage travels on board the 50 Years of Victory and departs from both Murmansk, Russia and Helsinki, Finland depending on your departure date. Our voyages to the North Pole and the Northeast Passage will also briefly explore Franz Josef Land.

From most European airports, you will be able to connect through to Murmansk via Moscow or St Petersburg. If you are travelling on board the voyage, which includes the charter flights from Helsinki, Finland you can make your way here by a number means. 

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Wrangel Island Voyages

Wrangel Island is located on the far eastern coast of Russia, in the Siberian Arctic. To access this remote region, voyages depart from Anadyr, Russia and Nome or Anchorage Alaska.

Travelling to Anadyr, Russia can certainly be a tricky set of flights to organise. We can, of course, provide you with specialised advice on how to travel to Anadyr. However, a more efficient and easier route is to include the vessels optional charter flight package from Nome, Alaska.

Voyages departing from Nome or Anchorage, Alaska will often include flights from Seward, which is in Alaska and provides regular connections to Seattle, USA. 

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Northeast Passage Voyages

These voyages travel in an east-west or west-east direction and use Murmansk and Anadyr as the voyages embarkation and disembarkation points. While you will need to arrive at or depart Murmansk of your own accord, from Anadyr the vessel operates one-way charter flights to coincide with your embarkation or disembarkation. 

Travelling to/from Murmansk it is possible from most major European Airports with connections through Moscow or St Petersberg. Anadyr is a different story and we would certainly recommend, considering the vessels charter flight which are from Nome, Alaska. Alternatively, we can arrange for the flight details to arrive in Anadyr of your own accord.

Russian Visa: Franz Josef Land, North Pole and Northeast Passage voyages, will all require that you obtain the Russian Visa to enter Russian. The Russian Visa requires a letter of introduction, which your voyage operator will provide. Once this is received, we recommend beginning the application process immediately. The Russian Visa application is notoriously difficult and delayed, it is one visa that you certainly cannot leave to the last minute.

We strongly recommend checking the requirements of your nationality to obtain the Russian Visa with Visa Link.

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If you are travelling to the Russian Arctic via Alaska, iExpedition has some very unique small expedition voyages through the Inside Passage which often combine nicely with these voyages.

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