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The Russian High Arctic is the home of the Polar bear, the fabled Northeast Passage & many inspiring local cultures.

2019 marks a new era in the exploration of Wrangel Island as the formidable icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov (KK) is positioned to operate these voyages. KK is one of the world’s most powerful ice-crushing machines and offers just a few tourism focused voyages each year. Join the vessel at the beginning of summer, when Polar bears are hunting on the ice-flows and the KK can push in close to the action. 

Travelling on the KK is a privilege afforded to only a few lucky travellers each year.

In 2020 the Spirit of Enderby returns to the fabled Northeast Passage. This an ice navigation route that has inspired and captivated adventurers for centuries. Only a handful of expedition vessels have transited this ice-choked passage. Make history in 2020 and join the Spirit of Enderby on this truly exciting expedition as it travels both ways between Anadyr, Russia & Murmansk, Russia.

This is a region so remote the locals say ‘God is a long way up there, but Moscow is even further away.’
  • Isolated & Pristine environments of the Russian Far East and wild North Eastern Siberian coastline.
  • Sail through the infamous Ice Curtain, the passage that separates Russia & the USA.
  • Local rangers guide us around the world’s polar bear hotspot – Wrangel Island.
  • Wrangel Island is home to the world’s largest population of Pacific Walrus and Gray whales. As well as Reindeer, Musk Ox and Snow geese. 
  • Wrangel boasts a fascinating human history with 3,400-year-old Paleo-Eskimo camp.
  • Be onboard one of the few ships to navigate the complete Northeast Passage in 2020. A sea route that has captivated adventurers for centuries. 
  • Sail through 5 seas, over 4 weeks and into many archipelagos, including Franz Josef Land. 


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Your Expedition begins here. 
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